Iron Ostrich Podcasts

The Anomalies

The Anomalies is a collection of friends, who all met on the internet. They couldn’t meet up at the bar, so they brought the Happy Hour online. Through their internet friendships, they’ve gotten to know lots of comedians, athletes and interesting characters all through the power of video chat.

Off The Rails

Tone Gordon and Jared Emmons have a few things in common: They love sports and they have an opinion on everything. From Football to Hippos, this show’s all over the place.

Bacon Focus

Stand-Up Comedian Richie Ragains has been trying to get his shit together, well, forever. And he thought he never could, until he saw his dog drooling over a piece of bacon… and BOOM! He figured out that if we focus on ourselves like a dog focuses on a piece of bacon, we can get our shit together with ease!

Whose Show Is It Anyways?

The Iron Ostrich Network’s first original show- from the big brain of Tone Gordon, named by the Super Producer Tyler Allen: 2 randomly selected hosts, talking about a randomly selected topic, with an infinite number of outcomes, all being entertaining!