The Iron Ostrich Family

Tone, Off the Rails and Design Guy

Tone Gordon resides in Colorado, and together with his wife raises his 3 children. Tone is the most ambitious of this group and brought the idea to all of us originally. Outside of his Iron Ostrich work and day job, he produces the Man-to-Man Pod with NFL Vets Darius Butler & Antoine Bethea. Follow Tone on Twitter @PatchOfBlackDFS

Richie, Bacon Focus and Stand-Up Comedian

Richie Ragains hails from Indiana, resides in Louisville, KY and has done every job imaginable all over the planet. Richie’s a stand-up comedian, former food truck owner/operator, Kentucky’s 2nd-best stump grinder, and an above average wood worker! And now that he’s joined the Iron Ostrich family, he’s added Podcaster to his endless list of job titles. Follow Richie on Twitter & Instagram @RichRagains

Marco, The Anomalies and Token Iowan

Marco Rivera is as Iowa as they come. He eats bacon with every meal, drinks  Busch Light  White Claw like water and blindly worships the Iowa Hawkeyes. As an avid fan of stand-up comedy and MMA, he talks way too much about each on The Anomalies podcast, but consistently lines up excellent guests for that show. When he’s not talking into a microphone, he’s actually inspecting homes and taking his vitamins!  Follow Marco on Twitter @QuePasaPrimo

Trashman Ronnie, The Anomalies and Recycler

Trashman Ronnie Watson keeps the streets of Northern California clean by running his trash route every day. When he’s not working at the family trash pickup company, he’s playing video games and getting his streaming channel rolling. On Sundays during football season, the local hospital is on call for him during Raiders games!

Tyler Allen, The Anomalies and Super Producer

Tyler Allen (TA) is the best audio engineer in Nebraska and we’ll fight you if you disagree! In between the numerous shows he produces, TA has a passion for making and producing music. When cheering for sports, TA always expects disappointment as a Chargers fan.

Jemmons, Off the Rails and Wiffleball Hall-of-Famer

Jemmons, AKA Jared Emmons, co-hosts Off the Rails w/ Tone and in his daily life runs a heavy crane dumping molten iron 500,000 lbs at a time. Along with his wife and kids, he keeps himself busy by baking some delicious snacks! Another Indiana native like Flegs, he somehow painfully roots for the Lions; which is why he had to resort to Wiffleball to take out his frustration.

Flegs, The Anomalies and Insurance Jockey

Jonathan Flegel, he goes by Flegs, is living proof that anybody can trade their rural roots for khaki pants in the city. He’s a proud #GirlDad in the suburbs of Indianapolis and he keeps a space heater at his desk in case he gets cold. A beginning whiskey/bourbon snob and fierce supporter of the Indianapolis Colts, Flegs is the ultimate glue guy around here.

Tanner, The Anomalies and Cheese Addict

Tanner Johnson, the Vanilla Gorilla, calls Northern Wisconsin home and has some strange sense of pride for his state the world has never seen. He’s a wanna-be farmer and tries to let the rest of the world know what’s going on in his field. The only reason he “hosts” The Anomalies is because he started talking the loudest, and the guys didn’t have the heart to stop him.